Oracle's Arthur Barnes: The evolution of cybersecurity and solving the challenge of hiring the right team

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

In this episode of the Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas interviews Arthur Barnes, Senior Director of Security Operations at Oracle – the world’s largest database management company. 

Arthur is an experienced cybersecurity leader with 20 years of experience, having previously worked at Pearson, Dell, and M&S. He contributed to the ENISA Cloud Procurement Guidelines, which is a practical guide aimed at the procurement and governance of cloud services, and is currently completing an MBA in Business Administration and Management. 

Topics include: 

  • Arthur’s journey from working within government, consulting, and the private sector and how he found his way into the security space. 

  • How security has evolved over the last 10 years, including the main challenges faced by cybersecurity leaders and their teams. 

  • Solving the challenge of hiring the right people and how to identify the best candidates during the interview process.

  • What Arthur has learned about what it takes to be a leader and how to identify good candidates for promotion to leadership positions.

  • Approaching and dealing with mental health concerns for people working in cybersecurity.

  • Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and helping teams outside of the security organization to automate tasks. 

  • Cases of forensic investigations that became story-worthy. 

  • Arthur’s number one piece of advice for those leading security teams today.

  • What security teams might look like in five years’ time. 



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