Formulas (revision - test)

How to include dynamic data in Actions 

Formulas are the backbone of interacting with the information you automate in Tines. Within any Action, a formula transforms static data into dynamic information across separate databases.

If you've ever used spreadsheet formulas, our formulas will be quite familiar.

# convert some text to upper case

# Simple logic
IF(user.job = "Engineer", "likes code", "dislikes code")

Like cells in Google Sheets or Excel, actions build upon information from other actions. The formulas follow the tried and true standards you expect (MATCH, IF/THEN, REPLACE, CHUNK, etc.).  That’s where the similarity ends really. Unlike cells, they can stitch together information from multiple systems and perform functions on that data and so much more. 

Formulas are always part of an action. You configure them from the right-hand build pane.

Adding formulas 

You add formulas to your actions using the formula builder within action options. You can append a formula in many places throughout the builder. The steps you follow are consistent across the system: 

  1. Click the plus (+) sign to insert a formula

  2. Choose ‘value’ or ‘tag’ 

  3. The formula editor popup will open 

  4. Build your formula

  5. To nest elements of the formula, use a full stop (.) and you’ll be prompted with available options to append to the formula 

  6. To save, you press the command (⌘) and enter key to save


Example of adding a formula in Tines

Tags vs Values  

When adding a formula, the first thing you’ll notice is the prompt for Value or Tags.

  • Value: this is replaced with the final result of the formula once the action runs

    • Appending a URL is a good example (see above)

  • Tags: for more advanced users, Tags offer control over the flow of executing an action and are best for email or messenger notifications, see example below

Example of an email body in Tines Builder

Editing formulas 

You can edit formulas using the same formulas popup. 

  1. Click into the formula from the field or builder

  2. Within the formulas popup you can click in and make changes or see example results

  3. To save, you press the command (⌘) and enter key to save


Learn more about the evolution of Tines and Formulas here.  

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