You can deploy an instance of Tines on your own servers to have full control over your data and network security.

Self-hosted deployment options 

For customers in highly regulated industries, we can support two options for self-hosted deployment.

1. Bring-your-own Linux server (BYOLS) 

Customers can opt to bring-your-own Linux server (BYOLS). A zip file will be made available and provides everything you need to install Tines on a single Linux server.

BYOLS self-hosted installations of Tines require a host machine with the following minimum specifications:

  • 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 2 CPUs.

  • Docker and docker-compose pre-installed.

2. Custom Docker-based deployment 

Alternatively, Tines also supports custom Docker-based deployments. With this option, Docker images are made available to enable customers to run Tines in their container orchestration system of choice. Customers can access the building blocks to install and run Tines using a system (like Kubernetes or AWS ECS) that is already in their environment. Instructions for installation will depend on how a customer intends to run it. While this approach requires more effort to set up, it will likely be easier to scale and maintain the deployment in future.

Deployment choices might impact Tines’ ability to assist with troubleshooting problems.


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