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Onboard employees to BambooHR and grant access to office suites and Microsoft Teams

Run a report against BambooHR to pull details of all employees recently hired. It then creates a user in Okta, Google Workspace and Office 365, and adds the employee to their department channel in Microsoft Teams.


Analyze Crowdstrike detections and report in Jira and Microsoft Teams

Pulls a list of new CrowdStrike Detections, flags them as in progress in CrowdStrike, and gets the detection details for each one. The individual behaviors are examined for each detection, and the process hash is checked in VirusTotal to see if it is known as malicious. Where there is a provided IOC as part of the behavior, this is also checked in VirusTotal. A Jira ticket is created for each Detection, and a message is sent to a Microsoft Teams channel.


Perform a unit test on a story in Tines

Run a unit test on a story in Tines. Verify that the story functions as expected as changes are made over time.

Add expense receipt photos to Navan

Search Google Photos for images of receipts and send them to Navan to begin an expense draft or attach to an existing entry.

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