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Automated Insider Risk Detection with Tines and Code42

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Code42 Incydr combined with Tines helps organizations improve Insider Risk posture and protect data from employee-driven exposure, leak and theft, and exploitation – without burdening security teams. Scale your Insider Risk Management efforts by automatically opening tickets and/or taking pre-defined response actions based on the severity of an Incydr alert through templated Tines Stories.

Key benefits

Scale insider risk management efforts

Focus your team on business-critical alerts

Respond to and contain threats faster

Use case examples

Example 1

Manage departing employee watchlists in Code42

Manage a departing employee watchlist in Code42 to be aware of insider risk behaviors. This story was created by Code42.

Example 2

Remove employee from a departing watchlist in Code42

Automate the removal of users from the Departing Employee Watchlist on a scheduled basis. It retrieves all users on the Watchlist and, if any have a departure date more than 90 days old, they are automatically removed and the endDate is removed from their User Risk Profile. This Story was created by Code42.

Example 3

Download Code42 Cases

Get and download all Cases from Code42. These cases will be emailed as an attachment and uploaded to a new Jira Ticket.

Example 4

Handle Code42 Alerts

Query the Code42 API to read in and action alerts. This Story will enrich the alert with additional information from Code42, and create Jira tickets for investigation. High-priority alerts are escalated to Slack.

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Automate and scale your incident response workflows with Tines and Code42 Incydr

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