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Organizations today face ever-growing security challenges caused by cloud adoption. With multi-cloud environments, complex architecture, and thousands of technologies, organizations struggle to maintain security compliance across their entire footprint.

Enter Wiz and Tines. Wiz scans your entire cloud infrastructure and gives you complete visibility into anything that runs in it - raising vulnerabilities and bringing them to the forefront. With Tines’ no-code platform, you can now transform, analyze, and prioritize information from Wiz to handle cloud remediation alerts automatically without needing to engage developers or write a single line of code.

Key benefits

Expanded visibility

Wiz provides visibility into infrastructure and cloud environments. Combined with Tines, it extends that visibility to various stakeholders and facilitates shared responsibility for operations and actions.

Improved efficiency

Break down security silos and improve efficiency by automating your security incident response process. You’ll free up your team’s time so they can focus on more strategic tasks.

Reduced costs

Proactively identify and address potential issues, avoid costly disruptions to operations, and mitigate the financial impact of security incidents.

Democratize security &
increase scalability

Scale your security measures alongside your business growth without incurring additional costs and empower multiple application teams to fix security issues in their own environments.

Use case examples

Example 1

Find & remediate publicly exposed S3 buckets with Wiz

Query Wiz's Cloud Configuration Findings API for exposed public access to S3 buckets. If a public S3 bucket finding is found, create an issue within Jira, send an alert via Slack, and include a remediation prompt within the Jira issue to apply the appropriate block access policy to the S3 bucket.

Example 2

Analyze open issues in Wiz with ChatGPT

Send open issues in Wiz to ChatGPT for automated review. Receive recommendations for remediation and provide to resource owners.

Example 3

Detect and remediate malware issues in Wiz with SentinelOne

This story pulls in critical alerts and looks for malware-related issues from Wiz. If an issue is found, the story creates an issue in Jira, runs remote scripts with Sentinel One, and prompts an analyst to click if they want the EC2 instance isolated with the Sentinel One agent. If an S3 public access policy Wiz issue is found, a Jira ticket is created and the user is prompted to apply the access block policy to the S3 bucket.

Example 4

Deactivate stale AWS access keys discovered by Wiz

Receive webhook alerts for Wiz issues related to inactive IAM Access Keys that haven't been used in over 90 days. Send Slack alerts with a prompt to deactivate the access key and create an incident in ServiceNow for tracking and reporting.

Example 5

Record specific Wiz insights in Jira via Slack

Receive risk insights from Wiz and send enriched notifications to a Slack channel. Allow a user to respond if they would like to open a ticket, and if so, open a ticket in Jira.

Example 6

Use Slack to record specific Wiz insights in TheHive

Receive risk insights from Wiz and send enriched notifications to a Slack channel. Allow a user to respond if they would like to open a ticket, and if so, open a ticket in TheHive.